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Things to Do in Aruba - Watersports

The ocean is Aruba's playground. Rent a jet-ski, sunfish, paddleboat, waverunner, bananaboat, kayak or tube right at most hotels. Try parasailing for a bird's eye view of the beach activities. Resorts offer beginner courses where you can learn to scuba dive or snorkle or try Snuba. Or if you're already experienced there are many scuba, Snuba and snorkle cruises where a variety of dive or snorkel packages are available. No need to bring your gear, it can be rented from any of the operators. Aruba is known as the windsurfing capital of the World, take lessons or rent gear if you're already experienced. And of course there is swimming in the warm and gentle Caribbean waters at Aruba's many beaches, all public.

Dive Aruba
Phone: 011-297-582-7337
Make your dive a pleasant experience. If you like to be among friends and don't want to get lost in the crowd, Dive Aruba is your answer. Dive Aruba brings you to the most exciting dive sites on the island and makes your dive an adventure. Explore the bountiful reefs in the south and the great wrecks at the west side of the island. Watch the corals blossom and be able to touch the fish at night.

S.E. Aruba Fly & Dive
Phone: 011-297-588-1150
S.E.Aruba Fly 'n Dive offers you a way to discover the Dutch Caribbean's natural resources and scenery. Whether you want to become a diver, continue your education or just enjoy some great diving on Aruba, Bonaire or Curaao, our international instructors can teach and show you the way. 'Diving is fun' is our idea with every course and dive S.E.Aruba Fly 'n Dive organizes.

Aruba Dive Center
Phone: 866-579-4520
Dive Aruba is the top service dive center located in beautiful Aruba. Our friendly and professional staff ensures your Aruba vacation is a truly memorable one. Aruba is known as one of the worlds greatest scuba locations with hundreds of divers visiting our island every year. Every one of our trips is a scuba divers dream. We provide you with a personal service that will make your Scuba Diving trip with us your best one yet.

Native Divers
Phone: 011-297-586-4763
PADI Open Water Certifications and Resort Courses, Reef Diving, Wreck Diving, Night Diving, Boat Diving.
Best diving locations on Aruba.

Aruba Pro Dive
Phone: 011-297-582-5520
Aruba Pro Dive's policy of small dive groups enables us to keep our schedules flexible and our dive trips unique. Unlike large group diving, our attention is focused on the individual. Our staff and our guests are happier as a result!

Happy Divers Aruba
Phone: 011-297-733-6570
Whether you just want to try diving once, you want to become a qualified diver or you already are a certified diver and you just want to continue diving. Aruba is a great place for all of that and Happy Divers Aruba can offer you the personal attention and quality to make your dive experience in Aruba a great one!

Unique Sports of Aruba
Phone: 011-297-586-0096
Come join us for a truly fun dive vacation. Our staff is professional and fun. We will show you all the great wrecks and reefs that Aruba has to offer.

Aqua Windie's
Phone: 011-297-583-5669
With Aqua Windie's you get semi-private dives due to the limited amount of divers we go out with, 4 to 6 people max. With us you have a name, not a number! Aruba is known for its many shipwrecks and interesting coral formations. The water (80 F/ 28 C on average) is rich in exotic marine life, and visibility is mostly between 60-150ft/18-45mtr. Shorediving any day of the week on the southside of the island, further than most other companies so it's quiet and the coral is abundant and beautiful!

Red Sail Sports
Phone: (U.S.) 305-454-2538
Diving in Aruba is famous for the spectacular shipwrecks and interesting coral formations that dominate Aruba's underwater realm. This includes the 400-foot long Antilla, one of the largest wrecks in the Caribbean. Most of Aruba's dive sites lie along the protected western and southern coasts, a short distance from the high rise hotels along Palm Beach. Aruba's waters are rich in exotic marine life, including stingrays, moray eels, barracudas and yellow tail. A large, shallow sand plateau surrounds the island, making boat travel the most convenient method of reaching the off-shore reefs.