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Things to Do in Aruba - Sailing Cruises

Aruba offers a wide choice of adventures on catamarans (large & small), sailboats, antique pirate ships, submarines, glass bottom boats and more. There are scuba diving cruises, snorkeling, swimming, dinner, booze, sightseeing and sunset cruises. Jump into the water from a rope swing or relax with a full dinner or just a drink watching the sunset. Celebrating a special occasion? Charter a sailing yacht with a crew for your own private adventure.

Take a few minutes to explore the possibilities presented here and make your reservations on their websites or upon arriving on the island.

Jolly Pirates Banner

Jolly Pirates
Phone: 011-297-586-8107
Sail Jolly Pirates Aruba! Sailing aboard Jolly Pirate Aruba is the #1 Activity in Aruba where you can enjoy a dinner cruise, view a picture perfect sunset and swim, snorkel and rope swing at the island's most amazing snorkeling sites.
Phone: 011-297-586-1418
The name of our 43-foot sailing yacht echoes the tranquility we would like to offer you during one of our scenic cruises. She features a large sun deck to lounge on and a comfortable cockpit with a hard top cover for that ever important shade. Allow us to show you an authentic sunken shipwreck on one of our private sailing trips, or take you off the beaten track to more secluded places around Aruba, such as our private reef island where you can enjoy some of the most colorful snorkeling available locally. Not to be missed is the now-famous Dutch Pea Soup lovingly prepared by Captain Anthony's mom for the lunch cruise to the island's south side.
Mi Dushi Sailing Adventures
Phone: 011-297-586-2010
Built in Sweden in 1925 of oak and mahogany this 80 Ft. windward vessel is one of the last great authentic sailing ships still operating in the Caribbean. Every day her lockers are stocked, her anchors hoisted, and her sails set as she departs on her Sailing and Snorkeling adventures. Her Captain and Crew will be waiting to welcome you aboard and to have the opportunity to demonstrate that their experience is only outweighed by their spirit to serve.
Pelican Adventures
Phone: 011-297-587-2302
Blend in with nature, leave your worries behind and join us on one of our custom-built catamarans, equipped with sunbathing trampolines & shaded areas. Relax and refresh while enjoying food and drinks with the mellow rhythms of the Caribbean wafting from our first-rate sound system. Try snorkeling or experience the exhilaration of 3rd lung during three stops exploring the magical under water world!
Red Sail Sports
Phone: 011-297-586-1603
Red Sail Sports boasts four custom-built, luxurious catamarans which offer exhilirating rides through Aruba's renowned tradewinds. Red Sail Sports Snorkel Sail was voted 'Best Tour of the Season' by Princess Cruise Lines. We also offer sunset, dinner and Caribbean sails.
Atlantis Submarines
Phone: (USA/Canada):1-800-609-7374
The Atlantis Submarines Expedition Tour begins at the Adventure Center in downtown Oranjestad where you will take a short transfer to the submarine onboard our shuttle vessel SubSeeker. You will have the opportunity to get an up close view of exotic marine life while diving to depths up to 130 feet. Be amazed by colorful schools of tropical fish, huge sponge gardens, the mystical beauties of the coral fields and two sunken wrecks.
Seaworld Explorer
Phone: (USA/Canada):1-800-609-7374
The Seaworld Explorer Semi-Submarine is a state-of-the-art semi-submarine developed in Australia for use on the Great Barrier Reef. This unique vessel does not submerge. You step down into the hull of this cruising underwater observatory and sit in air-conditioned comfort just 5 feet below the water's surface, viewing amazing Aruba sea life through large clear glass windows.
Blue Melody and Black Pearl
Phone: 011-297-593-1554
On our afternoon delight sailing and snorkeling sunset cruise there is only a small group of people on board. You will be relaxing in the sun or shade, sailing along the beautiful coastline of Aruba with a nice cold drink. We stop at Aruba's most beautiful lagoon; Catalina Bay where the million dollar homes are and the water is calm and crystal clear. The crowds, at this time of the day, are gone! You will have the opportunity to go snorkeling (we provide you with everything you need, every thing is clean and new). When everyone is back on board we serve some watermelon, more drinks and our award winning Dutch Sandwiches & Dutch Grilled-Cheese Sandwiches.
The Octopus
Phone: 011-297-586-4281 or 011-297-593-3739
Captain Jethro Gesterkamp and his First Mate Jeff have been initiating delighted visitors to snorkeling and the relaxation of multi-hull sailing for over 25 years, the last 18 with Jethro's 40 ft trimaran sailboat, The Octopus. Our main concern is for personalized service and attention, particularly for the novice or inexperienced snorkeler making our trips especially attractive. Bookings are limited to 22 passengers with snorkel instruction, freshly made meals and attention to the individual needs of our guests to give you a unique and memorable experience.
Phone: 011-297-736-5620 or 011-297-594-8550
All of our charters are private! You are special enough to deserve all of our attention! We do not have pre-set departure times; we sail on your schedule! When you charter with us, we will work with you to provide unsurpassed flexibility and excellent service. From the moment you step on board, you are pampered by our crew. Sit back and enjoy the sailing as we whisk you off to paradise. Enjoy a leisurely guided snorkel experience with the friendly marine life, work on your tan or enjoy a five course gourmet meal on our sunset cruise. Your options are limited only by your imagination!