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Exploring Aruba - Butterfly Farm

The Aruba Butterfly Farm consists of a large meshed structure, which contains beautiful tropical landscaped gardens, exotic flowers and pools with Japanese fish. The atmosphere is tranquil, hypnotic music plays and hundreds of breathtaking butterflies from all over the world fly freely around.

An essential part of the visit to all the Farm is the famous "guided tour". Visitors are shown the evolutionary cycle from microscopic eggs, to strange and exotic caterpillars, pupae resembling exquisite designer jewelry. If you come early in the morning it is quite possible to see the birth of a butterfly and watch the newly emerged butterflies take their first flight!. The tours are also very amusing and an amazing source of butterfly facts and stories. Our guides will show you how to handle the butterflies and caterpillars with care (if you dare)!

Visitors are given a complimentary return ticket for the duration of their vacation, so don't save the best for last! Wear bright colors and perfume if you want the butterflies to land on you!

The Farm has a great shop selling a wide selection of butterfly-related gifts and souvenirs. Refreshments are available in the shady cafe outside. Open all year daily from 9am.