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About Aruba - The Perfect Wedding Location


Aruba is the place for couples who want a Caribbean beach wedding and honeymoon, yet don't want to be concerned that their plans may coincide with hurricane season. Aruba is located so far south that it is well outside the hurricane belt.

Aruba is different from most other Caribbean Islands. It doesn't have the lush and tropical landscape that some vacationers expect. But it has a beauty and charm all its own. And the temperature averages in the high 80 degrees year-round, perfect for a honeymoon spent getting some sun on the beautiful beaches.

The landscape of Aruba is also different than that of many of the other tropical islands. It gets less rain and has a lower humidity, resulting in a more desert-like climate. The beautiful sand, dramatic rocky cliffs and spectacular sunsets will make an exquisite background for your wedding photos.

Like many island destinations, Aruba is known for having a laid-back vibe and charming hospitality. Who wouldn't be happy, living in paradise year round? To bring the best of this feeling to your wedding, think about having a steel drum band at a beach buffet for your reception. There are many resorts and wedding planners on the island that can help a long-distance bride make all of her preparations.

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