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Don't pay too much attention to the on-line weather services when they often seem to forecast rain for Aruba. There can be rain during some part of every day but it usually consists of short, light showers. By the time you get to shelter most likely the sun will be shining again.

Temperatures are consistently mild and there is no major rainy season. The island lies completely outside the hurricane belt, and the ocean temperature hovers around 82° F. all year long. Day time temperatures run a Summer average of 90° F. and Winter average of 87° F. Night time lows rarely fall below 80° F. in the Summer or 76° F. during the Winter. The only need for a sweater arises from the air conditioning when the restaurants or casinos get too chilly.

The sun can be hot, and its reflection off the water or white sandy beaches is blinding. Fortunately, the almost-constant trade winds make it easy to forget just how warm it is and severe sunburns can be an unpleasant side effect. Don't spoil your visit, use sunscreen and re-apply it often.