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The Caribbean - Aruba's Playground

Ocean Playground

Aruba's incredibly blue waters are alive with neon colored fish, flame bright coral reefs and billowing rainbow colored sails.

Aruba is famous for its windsurfing, try it at Fisherman's Huts. Try snorkeling, scuba diving, rent a sailboat, go deep-sea fishing, do some water skiing. Or go for a lazy swim.

However you choose to enjoy Aruba's refreshing, translucent sea, you'll find the conditions are blissful. There are also several hidden little bays around Aruba, as well as the incredible "Conchi", or natural pool.

On the Atlantic side of the island, the water is quite different. Here, you'll find crashing white waves that brush against the jagged rock coast. While it's truly a sight to behold swimming is reserved for the warm, tranquil waters off the North and East coasts.

Aruba's beaches consist of white sand and calm waters, each with it's own flavor to suit your taste. They are considered to be some of the best beaches in the world.